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He's a German actor, and he played Albert Schweitzer.It's one of those things where…there are so few opportunities to do something that you're proud of, that stands the test of time, where you look at it 10 years later and go, "Damn! Those years shooting ‘Young Indy' far surpassed any university lesson." BE: I said in my review of the first set that it needs to be a staple of libraries across the country. BE: Not that you ever had any scenes with him, but do you think that George Hall got the shaft with these DVD releases? It's…he was certainly a wonderful guy, and I enjoyed him on the show. BE: Is that one that you regularly have fans bring up? Nobody really…I mean, when people find out that that's also on my list of things I've done, they're surprised. Plenty of people are fans of the film, but nobody really associates me with the film. BE: Well, you're not readily recognizable, I guess. I mean, people that are really fans of mine, they know my resume, but most people have no idea. You're lucky if you get one movie role like that, and that certainly was a great role. BE: Would you have ever imagined the producers and writers of "The Dead Zone" could've done as much with the character of Greg Stillson as they did, and for as ) No, actually, because Lloyd Segan called…we did "Boondock Saints" together…and said, "Hey, man, I want you to come up to Vancouver and shoot this role.

He later moved to Los Angeles, California, in order to pursue his acting career.At present, journalists want to get all of the celebrities out of the closet; most of the rumors are false.Although Sean Patrick Flanery has never admitted to being gay, the media always considers the likelihood of one day reporting on the other.When "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" premiered on ABC in 1992, the young gentleman playing the teenaged version of the character was stepping into some pretty famous shoes, but Sean Patrick Flanery was up to the challenge. BE: I don't know if you have kids or not, but what were your thoughts about the way they played up the educational aspect of the series with all of these additional featurettes? "(‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles') definitely opened a new door for me.Since then, Flanery has rarely been out of the public eye, popping up on various TV series (including a recurring role as Greg Stilson on "The Dead Zone") and earning major plaudits for his film work in "Powder," "Suicide Kings," and "Boondock Saints." Bullz-Eye spoke with Flanery about his various roles, why he prefers character work over leading-man roles, and whether or not we're ever going to get that long-rumored sequel to "Boondock Saints." Bullz-Eye: Hey, Sean, how's it going? SPF: Oh, I think it's great, with the interactive timelines and the documentaries. I mean, the past teaches you about the future, et cetera, so it was definitely an eye-opening experience and an educational process as well. " But, again, that's a movie role that you get into the business for.

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