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Despite claiming he and supposed target Jason Trouchet had been close friends for 20 years, Peter Mauric told Southport Magistrates Court he had no knowledge of any issues between Trouchet and alleged brawl ringleader Jacques Teamo.

Mauric, who has pleaded not guilty to a charge of riot, spent most of the eighth day of his trial in the witness box where he claimed he was in Broadbeach with approximately 60 Bandido "brothers" to eat dinner and "round up girls" for a party.

Before I met Josh, I was in a dating relationship that quickly became physical.

“The Newsroom” actress Emily Mortimer has joined “Rio, eu te amo” (Rio, I Love You), which is the third in a series of films that will comprise 10 five- to seven-minute short segments set in Rio.

Mortimer’s segment, helmed by Paolo Sorrentino, follows the wife of an older man who is dying of diabetes and related illnesses and is contemplating his mortality.

Mortimer can still be seen in HBO’s “The Newsroom” which just finished its second season, and the pay cabler recently picked up her six-episode, half-hour series “Doll & Em.” She is repped by ICM Partners, 42 and Brillstein Entertainment.

It’s one of the reasons I challenge you to think before making out, to honor God’s design for sex, and to protect the value of your intimate self.

When you celebrate sexuality God’s way, your purity protects your emotions. I will press through difficulty to make us work.” fail. SEE ALSO: The Dangers of Acting Like You are Married I hope you were intimidated by the real weight of “I love you”.

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    "Chloe brilliantly understood that the media would persist in thinking that she did it out of loyalty to me...

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    Stbxh and I don't have any issues, we're in 100% agreement with wanting a divorce and in complete agreement with a settlement.