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You may be able to request an extension of stay from the Ministry of Interior (Office of Foreigners).However, if you overstay, you may need to appear before a judge prior to departing Algeria. citizen seeking residency in Algeria, see our page on Residency in Algeria. citizen women married to Algerians do not require the husband’s authorization to depart. citizens in Algeria should keep a low-profile and avoid predictable travel patterns.We text every day and talk most nights on the phone. I was more upset that he lied than the fact that he’s Muslim or Algerian. I texted him, asking him to be honest about a question I have. He said he would explain everything Friday but asked that I don’t judge him until he tells me. Friday night, our 3rd date, we were to go to Long Beach and just hang out and talk and stuff.Last week, I showed a pic of us to a friend who gave me a look (I’ll admit, I’m a bit naive and too trusting of just about everyone). I met him at the train station and before we left, I said “you have some explaining to do.” We talked for about 10 minutes in my car. I asked him if he’s disappointed that I won’t convert to Islam. But if the media, friends, and some family are right, then I’m screwed.

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Reading these stories about "muslim" men, I think the majoriy of Norh African born men have the same mentality and personality. If you follow the coran you will learn that a woman should be respected. Before marriage he drank, had girlfriends, not at all religious. I wanted to see, if this relationship can be possible, will we be able to live together and understand each other in the future also. I mean, when I talk about this, people say you are crazy and find some women in your country,city.I also have plans for post graduation and research related regarding my field.Terrorist Activity: While Algeria has long been an important counterterrorism partner to the United States and has continued its aggressive campaign to eliminate all terrorist activity, active terrorist threats remain within Algeria and along its borders, in particular from the groups Al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb, the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa, al-Murabitoun, and Jund al-Khilafah in Algeria, which has sworn allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS). citizens against travel to remote areas in southern and eastern Algeria, as well as isolated parts of the Kabylie region, due to a high threat of terrorist attacks and kidnapping. These disturbances are overwhelmingly based on longstanding socio-economic grievances, including over housing and public sector salaries.Terrorist attacks usually target Algerian government interests and security forces outside of major cities and mainly in mountainous and remote areas, although two recent attacks (October 2016 and February 2017) injured and killed police in the city of Constantine. Protesters have ignited fireworks, thrown Molotov cocktails, damaged property, looted businesses, and robbed passersby.

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