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Whether this actually on the youth crowd is debatable; this is a pop-culture phenomenon that comes and goes like many other fads, sometimes losing its appeal almost immediately out of the gate.

He won his status, the old-fashioned way..earned it!

Juan grabs his pants and flees out the window as quickly as he can. He drops the fire poker on her corpse and walks briskly out of the room, leaving it for the servants to clean up. That is historicity, and the modern audience is left in genuine shock. It has just come out that Borgia has been committing simony, i.e. He will oppose Borgia with all his power, because Borgia is a bad person and should not sit on the Throne of St. Making her an intelligent, valued partner to Rodrigo’s labors instead of a scheming sex kitten makes the whole thing richer.

In their version she exerts real power, in a “separate spheres” way. A bar brawl doesn’t go from insult to heated words to slamming chairs to eventually drawing steel, it goes straight from insult to hacking off a body part.

He has been a featured on major television shows including David Letterman, Evening at the Improv, Comics Come Home, and Comedy Central, and starred in his own Boston-based sitcom, Park Street Under.

Steve’s trademark political satire has earned him top host spots on Boston radio stations 100.7FM WZLX (Sweeney’s Neighborhood) and 95.9FM WATD (Jay Mohr and Opie & Anthony.) In addition, Steve is an elite Master of Ceremonies selected by many charitable and political organizations (of both parties, but separately, of course!

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